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Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry - A Necklace For Me
Lapis Lazuli is one of the most used stones. Cleopatra had Lapis Lazuli stone was ground up into a deep blue powder and pressed above her eyes to create eye shadow.  
Lapis was later used in jewelry when it came onto the European continent, evidence suggests that people were using it in jewelry. 
All of the Lapis Lazuli Jewelry at a Necklace for Me is set in Solid Sterling Silver with the 925 hallmark imprint indicating the purity of the silver. 


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  1. elena daylight ring sterling silver Vampire Ring from the Movie "The Vampire Diaries" Elena's Daylight Ring Women Jewelry Ring Nature Real Lapis stone set in 925 Sterling Silver  front view
  2. The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce Daylight Necklace Nature Lapis 925 Sterling Silver in Retro Box
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  4. 925 Sterling Silver Movie "The Vampire Diaries"Caroline Forbes Ring Klaus Daylight Elena Sunshine Lapis Tyler, Caroline's ring. On white background
  5. The Vampire Diaries Jeremy Ring Gilbert's Lapis 925 Sterling Sliver Ring Jewelry Vintage Retro Punk Reborn Ring Gift - A Necklace For Me
  6. Real Sterling Silver Earrings Creative Handmade - A Necklace For Me
  7. elena daylight ring sterling silver with lapis lalui.  As the ring lays on its side on a brown background. the deep blue lapis and criss cross of the ring on either side are visible.
  8. 925 Sterling Silver Movie "The Vampire Diaries"  Elena Gilbert Inspired Daylight Ring Real Lapis Lazuli - A Necklace For Me