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For Him

For Him - A Necklace For Me

Looking for quality jewelry that still has an impact? 

We offer a Carefully Curated Selection of

Fine Fun Gold, Silver, and Tungston Carbide Jewelry 

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

 Even more attractive than our collection is the positive impact your purchase will make on a little girl. Our programs are focused on reducing violence against little girls.

We teach financial literacy, provide health education,

and offer opportunities for mentorship. 


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  1. Avenger Superhero Stud Earrings with Solid Sterling Silver and Green Zircon Stone Loki Helmet earring
  2. Beaded Stones and Stainless Steel Bracelets  with your choice of stones.
  3. Turkish Hidden compartment ring for him will raise his curiosity. It is shaped like a regular wedding band and has hidden compartments on the inside that you can use to hide small items, like photographs or a small moment, one ring open one closed. The compartment is carved out with a door.
  4. Buddhism Pestle Safe Pendants with Obsidian & 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace for Men Vintage Punk Rock Jewelry on white background. hanging.
  5. Colorful Vintage Tarot Cards Necklaces Gold Tarot Painting Necklace Sun and Moon Pendant on tan
  6. Creative Quartz Watches Men Casual Stainless steel Mesh Band
  7. dragon head men's sterling silver bracelet on white sheet tilted inwards with two dragon heads visibly holding a chain in their teeth  holding the bracelet together.
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  8. Elephant Pendant Necklace Stainless Steel Lucky Animal Gold Chain Necklaces Pendants Jewelry Accessories Gifts For Men
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  9. gold coin bangle bracelet for women has seven coins and decorative chain  on black background.
  10. Gun-Black Stainless Steel Wizard Witcher Norse Vikings Wild Wolf Head Pendants - A Necklace For Me
  11. Men's Black Luxury Bracelet with Gold Links Health Black Ceramic Bio Magnetic Germanium Bracelets Men Hand Chain Link Crystal Stainless Jewelry close up
  12. Sterling Silver Setting Iced Out Moissanite Diamond Hip Hop Cuban Link Chain 13mm Miami Gold Necklace is on a male model with his thumb holding it out to show the detail.