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No Piercings Earrings

You told us what you want and we are listening. There are a lot of people born in the 50s and 60s who chose not to get ear piercing.

Clip on earrings are a must

We sought them out and this is what we found. We hope you like our collection of costume jewelry earrings for non pierced ears. 

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  1. Women Heart Shape Cubic Zirconia Earrings - A Necklace For Me
  2. Women's cubic zirconia crystal and pearl no-hole clip-on earrings with pad on model who is holding one earring and wearing the other.
  3. This Long Dangle Water Drop clip-on no pierced earrings with sparkling zirconia  worn by a  model with her hand on her forhead, showing the earring draped from her ear down the curve of her chin.
  4. No pierce earrings with sparkling Cubic Zironia for women. The large stone in the center with a blue spot, surrounded by long stones.
  5. Stainless Steel Retractable No-Hole Hoop Clip Cuffs Earrings - A Necklace For Me
  6. Big purple heart Rhinestone clip on no piercing earrings on white card laying on black background.
  7. Elegant Red Rhinestone Waterdrop Earrings laying on their side and sparkling in the light. clear CZ surrounds the red center crystad
  8. Non Pierced Vintage Royal Blue CZ Crystal Flower Bridal Clip Earrings - A Necklace For Me