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For Her

For Her - A Necklace For Me
Specially selected for their look, quality and affordability. Our jewelry for women who want to feel like "a Richer me".

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  1. New Mexico Music Ball Cage Pendant 3 Colors Vintage Copper Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Perfume Lockets Necklace Jewelry - A Necklace For Me
  2. Elephant Pendant Necklace Stainless Steel Lucky Animal Gold Chain Necklaces Pendants Jewelry Accessories Gifts For Men
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  3. a Necklace for Me Gift Card - A Necklace For Me
  4. Colorful Vintage Tarot Cards Necklaces Gold Tarot Painting Necklace Sun and Moon Pendant on tan
  5. New Designer Flower Shape Stunning Cubic Zirconia Crystal Women Ear Clip No-Pierce on Earrings - A Necklace For Me
  6. Direct DreamCarnival1989 Real 925 Silver Pendant Necklace for Women Super Bright Zircon Elegant Box Chain SZ10957R - A Necklace For Me
  7. Crystal Rhinestone Tiara Crown Earrings Necklace Jewelry Set - A Necklace For Me
  8. The Witcher Viking pendant necklace resting against a box with"Vikings printed on it.
  9. Italian Sterling Silver 6mm Flat Snake Chain Necklace - A Necklace For Me
  10. Women Heart Shape Cubic Zirconia Earrings - A Necklace For Me
  11. No pierce earrings with sparkling Cubic Zironia for women. The large stone in the center with a blue spot, surrounded by long stones.
  12. Noble Purple Crystal Bridal Jewelry Sets Necklaces Earrings Crown Tiaras Set African Beads Jewelry Set Wedding Dress Accessories The crown is resting in a dark velveteen box.