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Thor's Hammer Viking Necklace in Stainless Steel king chain with rune beads

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A Necklace For Me

Stainless Steel king chain with rune beads and thor's hammer Mjolnir Viking necklace with wooden box as boyfriend gift. 

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A movie you might find of interest "Mjollnir" 
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Considered a temperamental Thunder God, Thor wielded a hammer to make thunder. Thor is the powerful protector of humanity. He's married to Sif, and has plenty of adventures with giants or other monsters because his power makes him unstoppable!

"Mjollnir" is a powerful hammer that never fails to deliver its blows. It's capable of crashing down on giants, and has been used as an instrument for consecrating things or people during rituals by thunder gods like Thor himself in order to achieve victory over their enemies! 

Mjonlilner (or just plain old "God skill") came into existence when three dwarfs made it from materials at hand: iron filed off some rocks together then heated up until red hot; afterward, they poured cold water onto them causing a variety of gold sprinkles to begin falling out.

Mjollnir, the hammer of Thor. Forged by dwarfs and never failing him in the battle to crashing down on giants' heads or as an instrument used for hallowing people/things; this weapon was eventually stolen from under its owner's feet when he went off during some concoction about needing payment ( ransom?) instead- only later realizing that these events were all just part o one big plan! After taking it upon himself as God Of Thunder due power trip thing.


When the gods were assembled on Yggdrasil, their atrium and weapon of choice were Mjollnir. The hammer that never failed Thor. One day though, something terrible happened - Thrym stole away this powerful tool from its owner which caused quite an alarm among all other creatures living at mount Valhalla (home base). 


Freya is a Goddess of Fertility who was once known as Valkyrie. She worked for Asgard and would reap crops from farming, but after being tricked by Rimthursar she became depressed realizing he had died alongside her father when actually alive.

On one occasion while lying to him about Odin's death during their fight at Moot Edition on the Isle Of Love in order to accomplish his selfish ends later. The people of Asgard have started worshiping her and call themselves lovers or frighteners because they believe that she brings them fertility through tears.

Freya also had another cult following amongst giants who called themselves "the honorbound." They were nourished by drinking from cups marked with an image depicting hers. One day while trying out new powers given onto her after acquiring special knowledge concerning death/life cycles -Loki learned how easily he could fool everyone if only tricks





Brand Name: Vikings Jewelry
Metals Type: Stainless Steel
Gender: Men
Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Origin: CN(Origin)
Style: Ethnic
Chain Type: Link Chain
Item Type: Necklaces
Material: Metal
Shape\pattern: Viking
Occasion: Party
Fine or Fashion: Fashion

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